Born and raised in Turin, Italy, I’ve graduated in Telecommunications Engineering from Politecnico di Torino (bachelor) and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Master).

In the course of my Master I’ve grown fond of cryptography and from then my interest for cybersecurity sparked.

A second passion I carry with me is everything related to aerospace, since I was a kid I remember learning with awe the legendary stories of Yuri Gagarin and the Apollo 11. Visiting Cape Canaveral as a teen strengthened an already solid passion.

I’ve covered many roles in my career and they are reflected on my Github repositories, among these roles I had been: Android Developer, a Full-Stack engineer, System Engineer, Web Designer.

I’m extremely fond of the mountains and in my free time when I’m not programming you can find me busy on DIY projects, snowboarding, trekking, playing football or tennis.

If you want to contact me, you can find me on Linkedin and GitHub, alternatively just drop a comment on an article.