Spider - A SFTP client

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Spider is my first serious project and one I’m quite proud of.

First of all because it is a working and useful product and secondly because my first real contribution to the open source community and apparently it has reached more people than I’ve expected.

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Screenshots from the app

It started as a way to solve a need I had: I needed a safe way to connect to my SFTP server. Being over paranoid as I am, I didn’t want to use a proprietary app to connect to my server which contains sensible information. Moreover no FOSS app was able to connect to SFTP servers using a private key but only using passwords.

Thus began a journey of development of my first serious Android app (the first one was a small university project).

While I realize the UI could be improved the basic functionalities are there:

  • Login with password and private key
  • File browsing
  • File upload/download

As login methods you can use a password or your PEM private key. At the moment only PEM keys are supported, so check to have it in the correct format. With release 0.2.2 also encrypted PEM keys are supported.

You can browse your files in the SFTP server and download them with a long press, or upload new ones using the ‘+’ floating button. It also supports swipe down to refresh.

I am now happy to say that it has been published on F-Droid for over a year.

Get it on F-Droid